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 Here's your chance to bring "America's Ambassador of Fun in the Great Outdoors" to your show venue. Fish has been performing on stage and on television for over twenty years hosting events and seminars. From industry shows to Bass Club banquets, his light-hearted, quick-witted style of entertainment will draw crowds of all ages.

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tHe fiSh fiShBuRne sHOw

Want to watch "The Fish Fishburne Show?" Now you can see all of last years episodes on the Outdoor Channel's web cast by going to Once there, go to the bottom of the page and on the right side under the heading, Digital Networks, click on the myoutdoortv link, which is the third one down. Next, click on the, Try It Free for 7 Days box, or just sign up. Then, click on the Fishing (+more) icon which opens all of the fishing programs and scroll down to The Fish Fishburne Show. Finally, have fun watching and let us know your thoughts on Facebook.


      Ultimate Match Fishing TV 

So what's up with season 7 of the hit series Ultimate Match Fishing? Your probably wondering where it is? So I'll tell you...It's currently being revamped, meaning that we are in discussions about next season, who should be on the show, where in the country should we shoot, should we keep the same format, all kind of crazy questions that need to be answered. So, all of that said, we'll be updating you as soon as we get it all sorted out. If you've never seen the show, here's a brief description of how it works.

Ultimate Match Fishing pits two professional anglers in one boat and lets them battle it out on some of America's premier bass fisheries. Each angler is in control of the boat for two of the four 90 minute quarters as they try to catch a five fish limit and the angler with the greatest weight advances to the next round. Each season we hand pick twelve men that will have the chance to play this game of intense strategy and hard knocks. Talk about on the water craziness, get ready! Now entering a brand new season, UMF has reset the bar when it comes to pure bass fishing excitement. The top bass anglers in the world from both the BASSMASTER Elite Series and the FLW Tour fight for the $50,000 grand prize and a chance to claim the UMF Title Belt.  










 gO fiSh caps are here and are available in green (Army green) and stone (off-white).

To order, simply send a check or money order in the amount of $10  (S/H included) to:

gO fiSh
P.O. Box 555
Jefferson City, TN 37760

Don't forget to include the quantity, color and shipping address!

tHankS & gO fiSh!

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"gO fiSh"!

Fish Fishburne is an entertainer first and foremost. His off-beat escapades on & off the water are indicative of his zeal for the outdoors and a commitment to share that enthusiasm with everyone he meets. Fish has enjoyed a colorful career encompassing an impressive twelve-years as a B.A.S.S. angler, two-time tournament champion and four-time B.A.S.S.Classic participant.

He gained further national celebrity in a seven year run as host of “ESPN’s The BassMasters television series, host of “ESPN Outdoors Radio” and popular emcee and star of TNN’s “Go Fish” television series. With the show’s inventive production style and Fish’s antics compared to those of Jim Carey & Robin Williams, TV Guide Magazine was fast to name “Go Fish” among its top 10 Picks for Kids’ Programming in 1996… no small accomplishment with competing programs offered up by ABC, CBS, HBO, FOX, PBS, Nickelodeon and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

Fish now makes his home in Knoxville, TN with his (two) cats.




gO fiSh with FiSh fiShBurne -- Gets Rave Reviews

"gO fiSh!...You'll be hooked after one episode."



"gO fiSh!...One of the 10 Best New Kids' shows of 1996."

          - TV GUIDE


"gO fiSh! a show that never drags, tackling the boredom factor with quick edits, Saturday Night Live style faux commercials and Keystone Cops sound effects."



"TNN reels in a winner with gO fiSh!"

          - BALTIMORE SUN


"Loopy host, Fish Fishburne - part Jim Carrey, part Robin Williams - does for fishing what Beakman's World has done for science. This blows other fishing shows out of the water. Catch it."

          - TV GUIDE


"Meet the Shecky Green of the angling world...gO fiSh! may be the most revolutionary outdoor-sports show ever produced...Fishburne cracks jokes and engages in antics that would make the folks at Mad TV look like they're filming Little House on the Prairie...Fast paced off-the-wall and smart-alecky, don't be surprised if the 31-year-old-Fishburne turns up in the next Ace Ventura flick."

          - TIME OUT, NEW YORK


"The gO fiSh! show with fiSh fiShBurne RULES!"

          - GRANDMA





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