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   Fish Fishburne has been deeply involved in the outdoor industry for over 20 years and has appeared in over 25 major Sports Show markets across the country. His fun-loving personality, combined with his reputation as a champion angler, draws quite a crowd! Serious fishermen are drawn to his winning technical tips, children love his zany entertaining style, and women are charmed by his sense of humor. ( least he seems to believe it...)


"Loopy host Fish Fishburne - part Jim Carrey, part Robin Williams - does for fishing what Beakman's World has done for science. This blows other fishing shows out of the water. Catch it."  -TV Guide

  In January of 2011, Fish hit the airways with his own television creation “The Fish Fishburne Show," which airs on the Outdoor Channel. The show is viewed by children of all ages, (including lots of really old people) and anglers at all levels. His off the wall content and fast-paced editing style has caught the eye of the fishing and entertainment world.

   And check this out! Starting in 2010, Fish began hosting the hit series”Ultimate Match Fishing,” which also airs on the Outdoor Channel. This unique single-elimination tournament format pits professional anglers from the BASS and FLW Tours against one other in head to head competition – while fishing in the same boat! Every episode is fast paced, exciting and quite dramatic!

   Fishburne brings a new and different look to sport fishing viewers through his ability to combine entertainment and education. This "edutainment" style brings a much needed breath of fresh air to the fishing public.


 "We sometimes send mixed messages to kids about what fishing's all about," Fishburne says," and while it can be quite competitive, like any other sport, fishing is truly a fun family activity that teaches us firsthand about our natural resources and how to respect them." Fishburne packages himself as a positive role model to appeal to youngsters. His youthful attitude and love of life contributes to the kid’s excitement about sport-fishing.

"I get a big kick out of mixing with the fans and press at tournament events, speaking engagements and personal appearances. But I especially like entertaining the kids. They are the future of fishing."

"Societies ever changing atmosphere has made family activities an endangered pastime. Fishing is a way to bridge that gap - getting kids involved.

     Fish knows Fishing:

Both fresh and saltwater. His vast knowledge of the sport and incredible insight of all types of different species can be seen by the fact that he has in fact: Sandbagged-Snook, Tamed-Tarpon, Battled-Bluegill, Manhandled-Musky, (must I continue, Ok… I shall...) Rearranged-Redfish, Smashed-Smallmouth, Haunted-Hybrids, Contained-Catfish, Bombed- Bonefish, and he occasionally Grabs-Goldfish (when cleaning his aquarium, of course.)

WHAT, or should I say, WHO IS TEAM GRANDMA?

    Fish joined the pro-fishing circuit at the age of eighteen after his grandmother loaned, (a very loose term) him the money to buy a boat and pay his tournament entry fees. The resulting phrase "Team Grandma" was appropriately created out of respect for his first sponsor and most ardent supporter, Kathryn Rounsaville. Team Grandma might be mistaken for a catchy marketing phrase; however, Fishburne is quick to remind those in doubt of it's true meaning: "She's always been there for me, and I think that’s a vital part of realizing how important family and friends are in one's pursuit of happiness."


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